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Jay Hulme was fantastic with the children. They were really enthusiastic about poetry when we returned to the school. They learned how to write limericks using a structure to help them remember the pattern. Many thanks, we learned a lot and had fun. Most of all it was a very positive and encouraging visit and all children's work was valued. Highly recommended.

Mrs Davies (Teacher)

I thought it was going to be rubbish but it was not bad at all.

Anonymous, Year 5

Jay was very kind and funny also I would really want him to come again.

Joe, Year 5

I loved the silly twists and vocabulary that we used in the limericks with Jay.

Evan, 11

He made poems sound very easy and fun.

Sanya, 10

Jay Hulme was really nice and funny and I liked the poems, especially 'Community' and 'How brave we are'. He was the best author ever! Thanks!

Georgie, Year 6

I liked when we made a poem and read them out. I loved it, it was really funny.

Sammy, Year 5

My favourite thing about Jay's activity is the poem that we all made together.

Aaron, 10

Jay made it fun and not boring.

Shabnam, Year 6


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Jay's poetry beautifully captures the humour, violence and humanity of our society. He is a voice that speaks for the few, and needs to be heard by the many.

Tobi Kyeremateng (Producer)

Jay Hulme is undoubtedly someone to watch. His talent is raw, fresh and new – and very exciting.

Anthony Stewart Head (actor)

Jay is an inspiring speaker and poet who lights up any event that he appears at.

Benjamin Cohen (Chief Executive of PinkNews)

Jay is guaranteed to captivate any audience, having somehow enviably nailed the ability to speak articulately and intelligently, raise new ways of thinking, and challenge attitudes in a non-confrontational way.

Alexandra Strick (Co-Founder of Inclusive Minds)