Jay Hulme was fantastic with the children. They were really enthusiastic about poetry when we returned to the school. They learned how to write limericks using a structure to help them remember the pattern. Many thanks, we learned a lot and had fun. Most of all it was a very positive and encouraging visit and all children’s work was valued. Highly recommended.
— Mrs Davies

I thought it was going to be rubbish but it was not bad at all.
— Anonymous, Year 5

Jay was very kind and funny also I would really want him to come again.
— Joe, Year 5

I loved the silly twists and vocabulary that we used in the limericks with Jay.
— Evan, 11

He made poems sound very easy and fun.
— Sanya, 10

Jay Hulme was really nice and funny and I liked the poems, especially ‘Community’ and ‘How brave we are’. He was the best author ever! Thanks!
— Georgie, Year 6

I liked when we made a poem and read them out. I loved it, it was really funny.
— Sammy, Year 5

My favourite thing about Jay’s activity is the poem that we all made together.
— Aaron, 10

Jay made it fun and not boring.
— Shabnam, Year 6