As 2016 draws to an end I find myself considering everything that has happened over the past 12 months, for as dark as they have been, I have still made wonderful friends, and performed in wonderful venues. I have loved, and been loved. I have been inspired, and hopefully, I have inspired in return.


There is no doubt that 2016 has been a difficult year for many, and I think that it will, most probably, be a year that is seen as a turning point, a momentous moment, remembered by history long after we are gone. But amongst all of the grand moments, the great tragedies, and defeats, the moments of fear, and shock, and disgust; amongst the arguments, and the hatred, and the darkness, there have always been glimmers of light. I have not escaped the trials 2016 has brought, this year has been tough for me personally, as well as politically, and I have received my fair share of bad news (a share that in any other year would have felt less than fair, and more of a burden), but I have also received my share of good.


If you are reading this, you have reached the end of this year, this long, dark, painful, year, and depending on when you are reading this, it is likely that you will have lived through the end of it, you have survived this darkness. Now, all we can do, is see this festive season as a chance to bring some more light into this world, to prepare ourselves to stand tall, and to continue on, into 2017. Perhaps it will be a better year, perhaps it will be worse, perhaps it will be more or less the same. There is no telling, and we have no control over it at all, in the grand scheme of things. There are things we can do, however, and the most important of those, is that we can love. Love indiscriminately, and with true feeling, and in this way, in this small, small way, you can help to chase away the dark.


I hope that you spend these coming days in the company of those you love, and that when the holiday season is over, you may emerge, relaxed, and happy, and saturated with love, and kindness - ready to take your stand, wherever it may be, upon this vast, unflinching Earth.


With all my love, and hope for the future,

Jay Hulme